How to Take Good Photos With Your Phone: 8 Tips & Tricks

  • 10-06-2021 |
  • Polad Aladi

Have you ever heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? It means that a photograph is so powerful that it can convey a lot of information in just one single picture. People have been taking pictures for many years now, and the technology for photo-taking has progressed so much that now people can take good photos with just their phone. Here are some tips on how to take good photos with your phone.


Cameras on phones are not as good as the cameras on regular cameras, so you may not get the best results when taking pictures. However, you can still take good photos with your phone. The composition is important because there are many photos that are not flattering because they are not well composed.

A good composition, on the other hand, can make a photo look stunning. So, when taking a photo, make sure that you frame the shot well. In addition, you should also consider the foreground and background of the photo because it is these elements that can make or break a photo.


The lighting of the photo is also important because it will impact the colors of the image. When taking photos, you should try to take them during the day. The sunlight that comes during the day is not too harsh, and it is ideal for taking photos. Moreover, the sunlight creates good contrasts and it will make the colors of the photos vibrant.

In addition, you should also try to avoid taking photos at night because the lighting is not good. The lighting at night is bad and you will not be able to get good shots. The lighting at night is usually too harsh, which means that it will be too bright or too dark.


The background of the photo matters because it is what you will see when looking at the photo. If you have a busy background, it will distract the attention of the viewer from the main subject of the photo. To avoid this, you should try to take photos where the background is simple and not too distracting.


If you are taking photos with your phone, you can use the zoom to take a closer look at a certain area. It is a good idea to use the zoom to take a closer look at certain things like flowers, for example. However, you should not use the zoom too much because it will make the image appear fuzzy, and it will reduce the quality of the photo.

Face Detection

When taking a photo, you should try to use face detection so that you can get the best focus. To use this feature, you should first enable it on your phone, and then use it when you take a photo. If the face detection is on, it will focus on the face of the person in the photo.


The flash is usually used in low-light situations. You should use the flash when the lights are too dim, and you should turn it off when the lighting is good. If you turn the flash on when the lighting is good, it will make the photo look unnatural.

Shoot a Video

Most people use their phones to take a lot of photos. However, the quality of the photos that you take with your phone might not be as good as the photos that you take with your regular camera. If you want to take good-quality photos, you should consider taking videos instead.

When taking videos, you can zoom into a certain area, and then you can edit the video later on your computer. This way, you will be able to get better quality than when taking photos.

Keep It Steady

When taking a picture with your phone, it is important that you keep it steady when taking the photo. If you do not keep the phone steady, it will be hard to take nice photos. If you keep your phone steady, you will be able to get a nice shot.

Good Photo – Easy Photo 

Taking good pictures with your phone is not hard, and you can still take nice photos with your phone. Taking photos with your phone can be fun, and it is something that you can do with ease. However, you need to understand the basics of photography, and you need to keep these tips in mind.

If you follow the tips on how to take good photos with your phone, you can take better photos with your phone. You can take good photos with your phone, and you will be able to do them! We know it! Leave your comments below.